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The Story

Andrea Tamaela was born in the far East and moved to the Netherlands with her family as a young child. Growing up in a small town in the north of the Netherlands allowed her to experience life through two richly different cultures. Inspired by her parents, she studied at the School of Arts in Groningen.

After graduating as a designer, she worked in the fashion industry for several years. During these years she married and became a mother from two precious children. With the support of her family and now grown-up kids, Andrea started her own label. She finally decided to pursue her passion and do the things she loved.

This was the start of new adventures. The result is designs and fabrics, inspired and made with the love for the Pacific Islands – connecting the East and West through her unique pieces.

The Label Andrea Tamaela represents adventure, spirit, and beauty. Each piece is handmade with love, attention to detail and care. Follow her journey and experience the unique heart and soul of her one-of-a-kind designs.



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