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Handcrafted Leather Goods

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Mahai means life in our ancestor’s language. Life is full of ┬ánever-ending inspirations; it is the harmony of many inspirations living around me. I see it in my mom and saw it in my inspiring dad, and I constantly see it in my precious family, the beautiful nature around us and many other things. These inspirations and my intuition guide me in creating my pieces. While sketching I see the patterns and details, I visualize the designs in my head.

Last year we lost young loved ones in our family; it makes you realize that the things you worrying about are so trivial. I want to embrace memories through my pieces. I create these pieces to honor and Celebrate Life.

The pieces in this sustainable collection “Inspired by Life” are made from genuine leather and up-cycled fabrics, designed for men and women. Less is more, it is all about simplicity in a design.


Cheers to a 2017 full of creative adventures!


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